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From Dr. Rob McCleland on behalf of Bob Fast and the Executive Committee.
Following the resignation of Dr. Rob McCleland, the Executive Committee of the General Council of the North American Baptist Conference met last week to discuss the process for hiring a new executive director and also maintaining the ministry effectiveness of the International Office during the coming period of transition. Following serious deliberations and prayerful considerations, the Executive Committee announced that Dr. Rev. Dan Hamil will serve as the interim executive director of the North American Baptist Conference during the search for a permanent executive director.

Dr. Hamil currently serves as the Vice President of Ministry Advancement at NAB’s International Office in Roseville, CA. He is an ordained minister and has pastored at NAB churches in Ohio, Illinois, and North Dakota. In addition, he has worked at the NAB International Office previously in various roles, including Chief Operating Officer, Director of International Missions, and Coordinator for Youth Ministries.

Bob Fast, Moderator of the North American Baptist Conference said, “The Executive Committee believes that Dan is the right leader to maintain the stability and even accelerate the ministry focus of the NAB during this interim season. He knows the churches, missionaries, and other regional and national leaders well, and is highly respected by the other leaders and staff at the International Office. He is devoted to the churches of the NAB and their future health.”

Dr. Hamil can be contacted at

The Executive Committee asks you to pray for Dr. Hamil during this interim period and the search process. It will continue to provide regular updates as future steps occur in the search process for a permanent executive director.

Rob McCleland, Ph.D. 
Executive Director 
North American Baptists, Inc.

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