NAB Updates

Here are four positive happenings in NAB for which you can praise God!

  1. Recently, nearly 300 former members, families, and friends from God’s Volunteers/New Day met in the Phoenix area for a reunion. The gathering included time for recalling stories, singing together, laughing over memories, and remembering the interaction with NAB congregations. Praise God for this great time of reunion and reconnection.
  2. NAB churches are becoming more missional. On a recent conference call, NAB Regional Ministers shared stories of churches in their regions that were taking significant steps toward understanding and implementing missional activities. Some were multiplying themselves, some were reaching out to new communities, and some were connecting to new individuals and groups in their neighborhoods. Praise God that He has sent us into our local communities.
  3. Paul and Tanya Gericke have been appointed as NAB missionaries to Romania, and are beginning their fundraising efforts. Their goal is to be on the ground in Romania by the fall of 2014, helping to develop a camp on land that was purchased 13 years ago by NAB churches and donors. They will develop a youth ministry, as well as create an environment for Christian leadership development. Praise God for new NAB missionaries.
  4. February 15 was Dr. Rob McCleland’s final day as the NAB Executive Director, the International Office is transitioning leadership. Dr. Dan Hamil has been appointed the as the Interim Executive Director/CEO. The staff of the office remains extremely positive and are prepared to serve NAB regions, churches, and missionaries. Praise God for a great International Office Team.

Dan Hamil, Ed.D.
Executive Director/CEO (Interim)

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