North American Baptist Conference: The “NEXT” Steps

At the direction of the General Council that met in 2010, the North American Baptist Conference began a study of the future of the Conference. George Bullard was hired to lead us through the process, and after much discussion and deliberation, a summary of our findings was shared with the General Council in 2011. The leaders of our Conference were then asked to make some recommendations concerning our next steps.

Although the Bullard Study produced some good insights that we want to see incorporated into the future of the NAB, it was unanimously agreed that its recommendations would not form the framework of the future Conference story.

After a season of scripture reading and prayer, the following elements were identified as having strategic importance for the future of NAB.

The focus of the North American Baptist Conference will be to

  • Impact the NEXT Community
  • Reach the NEXT Nation
  • Equip the NEXT Generation


1. Prayer – We will intentionally make prayer a more substantial part of our gatherings, exploring technologies and ideas that will invite our leaders and churches to pray.
2. NEXT – God is calling us into an adventure that moves us beyond ourselves. Our mandate is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the next person.
3. Impact the NEXT Community – Churches will be encouraged and resourced to look beyond their present location. How can NAB churches impact people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Is there a tangible need to be met, a ministry to start, a church to be planted?
4. Reach the NEXT Nation – The next nation might be in your present community or it could be in a community across the oceans. Churches will be encouraged and equipped to develop relationships with the nations both at home and overseas.
5. Equip the NEXT Generation – This generation may be in their teens or in their 60’s. We will intentionally equip and develop leaders of every generation to impact their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
6. Serve as a NETWORK of leaders and churches – The North American Baptist Conference will purposefully function as a “Conference” as opposed to a “Denomination.” That means networking to resource one another as well as having increased participation of Regional Ministers in NAB mission initiatives.

For a printable copy of this report click here.

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