North American Baptist Conference Weekly Update - July 11, 2011

I recently sent a newsletter to our North American Baptist churches, sharing some of the current struggles in Nigeria and asking for your prayers for the Hungs as they settle into their new ministry in Gembu. Since the time of that letter there have been a number of significant events among key staff of the seminary and hospital.

You may have heard of the tragic accident that took the lives of both provost and deputy provost of the seminary as they were traveling together. The seminary has appointed an interim provost, Mr. Godwill Sol, to lead the school through this difficult season. The General Council will elect a new provost at their meetings in September.

Most recently, we learned that Mr. Eliah Zepheniah, director of nursing services at Mambilla Baptist Hospital, has died. He was a key staff member who performed many minor medical procedures. We were also informed that the medical license of Dr. Daniel Iorlan, the chief medical officer of the hospital, has expired. The hospital has now lost its two primary practitioners in patient care.

As a result of all of this, the hospital seems to be losing the confidence of the community, and the number of patients coming for treatment is decreasing.

These are very important days for the leadership of the Mambilla Baptist Convention of Nigeria, for the hospital, and for the seminary. Please pray for wisdom and direction for the leadership. Pray also for the Hungs as they walk with the MBCN leadership through these trials.

I ask most of all for you to pray that we not lose our focus. We, the North American Baptist Conference, must remain vigilant about focusing on our mandate, the central objective of missionary work: sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have not heard the good news.

Norman Poehlke
Vice President of Ministry Outreach
North American Baptist Conference

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