Triennial 2012 Highlights

Please take a few moments and share in some of the highlights of NAB’s 2012 Triennial in Orlando.

Nearly 600 individuals representing NAB churches from all over Canada, United States, and other international nations, gathered at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, FL., to worship together, gain inspiration from gifted speakers, hear valuable information from seminars, and connect with friends, missionaries, and new acquaintances.

God moved in remarkable ways. Those gathered were truly inspired, especially as NAB leadership communicated how God’s Spirit was leading our conference of churches toward “equipping the NEXT generation to impact the NEXT community and reach the NEXT nation.” After hearing Francis Chan for three keynote sessions call us to humbly return to true Biblical discipleship, NAB leadership—Dr. Rob McCleland, Norm Poelkhe, and Cam Roxburgh—articulated how NAB was becoming a “missional movement.” This movement begins with a renewed theological understanding of who God is, and moves us to join our missional God in reaching our neighborhoods and the world for Jesus Christ. The movement increases effectiveness as NAB pours leadership capacity into the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and church leaders.

Representatives from our churches also elected key leaders for the next three years. These include:

Dr. Rob McCleland—Executive Director, 3 Year Term [member Lifehouse Church, Rocklin, CA]

Bob Fast—Moderator, 3 Year Term [member Whyte Ridge Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB]

Steve Newman—Vice-Moderator, 3 Year Term [member First Baptist Church, Lodi, CA]

Jackie Loewer—Treasurer, 3 Year Term [member Mowata Baptist Church, Eunice, LA]


Here are some pictures and quotes from the Triennial

Francis Chan

Grace Community Church, Detroit, MI, leading worship

Business Session

Frohmut Hiller celebrates her 25th Triennial


Theme Verse:  Romans 16:26:  “So that all nations might believe and obey Him.”

From the Triennial program: “On 49 other occasions, faithful followers of Jesus Christ from NAB churches have journeyed great distances to gather and celebrate a common belief and unified mission. Just think, through times of prosperity and poverty, peace and war, work and rest, and hope and hurt, people like us have met and praised God, studied the Bible, fellowshipped, and conducted important business.  What a remarkable legacy we share.”

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