Large Church Pastors Gathering Registration

Large Church Pastors’ Gathering
February 27th–March 1st, 2020
The Bahia Resort, San Diego, CA

For the last six or so years, NAB has been on a missional/formational journey where we have been seeking to understand and create a new scorecard for what it means to be the church at the End of Christendom.  The old metrics that centered around numbers and external factors just don’t seem to cut it anymore.  Pastors and Christian leaders, young and old, large churches and small churches, city churches and rural churches, are asking harder, more significant questions about what it means to be a faithful alternative community that is following the Way of Jesus.  Still, we believe that larger churches, while not more important from a Kingdom perspective than smaller churches, have some unique challenges and opportunities that we can consider together.  The desire to address these unique challenges and opportunities motivates this gathering, and we will begin by exploring our overall spiritual health as leaders. We would love to have you join us.

The cost for this event is $750 USD per couple/$875 CAD per couple. Your registration costs include our speaker, Dave Johnson, hotel room (Garden View room) for three nights, and food. If you are interested in upgrading your room, Bay View rooms and Suites are available. Please contact Lisa Schmidt at for pricing information.

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