Leadership Webinar

Each webinar is an opportunity for pastors, leaders, and guests across the NAB to discuss a book or concept with authors or experienced leaders. The webinars will be held multiple times a year. Two of them each year will cover books concerning the church, leadership, and formation. These webinars are a chance for the author to respond to our questions. Other webinars will center on discussions with leaders in the church, covering difficult theological and cultural topics that are timely. Many have found it helpful to read and discuss the books beforehand with a group of three or four leaders.

Our Latest Webinar with Christopher J.H. Wright

Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit: Growing in Christlikeness


Webinar with Brian Sanders on his book Underground Church:

Brian Sanders’ Sessions from the Bonfire May 2019:

Session 1 (Morning): Rethinking the Church
Stu Streeter’s Interview with Brian:
Session 2 (Afternoon): Rethinking Leadership
Cam Roxburgh’s Interview with Brian:
Session 3 (Evening): Remaking the World



April 19, 2018, with Barry Jones on his book Dwell:
August 24, 2017, with Dr. Don Davis on racial righteousness in North America:
May 25, 2017, with Scot McKnight on his book A Fellowship of Differents:
November 17, 2016, with Alan Fadling on his book An Unhurried Life:
May 19. 2016, with Ruth Haley Barton on her book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership:
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