Ministry Training Grant Overview

This Scholarship program has been established by the North American Baptist Conference to assist fulltime and part time students from NAB churches to prepare for vocational ministry within the NAB. 

Grant awards are not intended to cover the full cost of seminary or college, but may cover up to approximately 25% of academic costs, depending on the institution attended.  Awards are intended to cover academic costs and not cost of living or other expenses associated with living or commuting to a seminary or college.

The Ministry Training Grant Review Committee requires up to 90 days from the application deadline to review and respond to all applications. This time requirement should be considered by the applicant during the application process.

New applications should be completed and submitted by June 15 in order to receive funding (if approved to receive a MTG Grant) for the fall semester. Applications should be completed and submitted by October 15 in order to be considered for spring semester.

  1. Submit a Training Grant Application form no later than 90 days in advance of the beginning of the semester
  2. Submit academic transcripts
  3. Submit reference forms (Returned confidentially under separate cover)
  4. Submit Church Endorsement Form (Returned confidentially under separate cover)
  5. Return all signed forms together in a single envelope to:              

ATTN:  Ministry Training Grant Application
North American Baptists, Inc.
1219 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678


If you would like to discuss your eligibility for a Ministry Training Grant, please contact us to review your circumstances at email:


Download, print and complete the forms below.

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