Review and Prayer – Day 34

Monday, A Shadow of a Man (Isaiah 53:1–6)

Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords and the King of kings that we see in Revelation because he is the Suffering Servant revealed in Isaiah. How should the realization that our Lord is a suffering servant affect our interactions with others?

Tuesday, A Shadow in the Vineyard (Luke 20:9–18)

God’s nature is gracious and forgiving. He is a God of second and third chances. At the same time, a day is coming where each of us will give an account for our rebellion and/or our self-righteous nature. Are there areas of your life that are in rebellion to God’s righteousness? Are you struggling with self-righteousness?

Wednesday, From Shadows to Glory (Romans 8:14–17)

We are not slaves! We are children of the King! He is our Father. Our Abba. Our Poppi! This makes us co-heirs with Christ provided we share in his suffering. Where do you think God may be calling you to sacrifice, or even suffer, so you can experience his glory more fully?

Thursday, Called into Shadows (Luke 9:23–24)

The words of Jesus, spoken to any who would follow him, and the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer serve as stark reminders that the way to true life lies under the shadow of the cross. What does it mean, as a Christian, for Christ to bid you to come and die?

Take a moment to consider Jesus as the Suffering Servant. Praise the Father for sending the Son to serve as the Suffering Servant. Thank Jesus that, by his brokenness, you were made whole before the Father.

Take a moment to remember that you are a child of God, no longer a slave, but a co-heir with Christ sharing in his glory. Praise the Father that we can call him Abba, Daddy, Poppi! Tell your loving Father where you are struggling and what suffering you need him to bind up.

Take a moment to consider what it means to worship and follow the Suffering Servant. What does it mean to share in Christ’s suffering so we can share in his glory? Confess areas of rebellion against God’s righteousness. Confess areas of self-righteousness directed against others.

Pray that God would reveal how you too can represent the Suffering Servant to someone who needs the comfort and redemption that only he can bring.