Review and Prayer – Day 22

Monday, A Shadow Passing Over (Exodus 12:21–27)

The Passover in Exodus is both the event of God redeeming his people from slavery in Egypt and a foreshadowing of a perfect Passover lamb that will redeem his people from sin and death! As God’s people, it is an event that happens to us in God’s eternal present. How can you pass on your story as a slave in Egypt to the next generation?

Tuesday, Same Shadow, More Light (Mark 14:22–24)

Jesus layers another foreshadowing onto the shadow of the Passover during the initiation of the Lord’s Supper, but this shadow sheds light on what happened – the Passover – and what will happen – the cross – revealing himself as the Passover lamb that will bring redemption. How does this active remembering further your sanctification?

Wednesday, Proclaiming the Shadow (1 Corinthians 11:23–26)

With Communion, we proclaim the Lord’s death until his return. Proclaiming the death of your leader, your Lord – yes, even your God – has built-in humility. How is your active remembering of Jesus’s sacrifice proclaiming his death and love to a world that desperately needs to hear it?

Thursday, The Long, Slow Shadow (2 Timothy 4:6–8)

The words of Paul to Timothy and the life of Lottie Moon remind us that no cost, no matter how high or how drawn out, is too high or too painful in light of the reward prepared for those who persevere to the end. How can you pour yourself out for others today to demonstrate and proclaim the Lord’s death, the Lord’s sacrifice, and the Lord’s love to a world that desperately needs to hear and see it lived out?


Take a moment to consider the love of a God who frees us from slavery and is willing to become the perfect Passover lamb to be sacrificed for our redemption. Praise God for the redemption that he provides through his Son, Jesus Christ, the perfect Passover lamb.

Thank God for Communion as an active remembering and proclamation of his great love and sacrifice for us.

Take a moment to examine how you have proclaimed, or how you have failed to proclaim, the Lord’s death until his return. Confess areas of failure.

Confess when you have been ashamed to proclaim Christ to others. Confess when you have professed him but lacked the built-in humility that his death or the shadow of the cross requires.

Pray that God would give you strength and humility to live a life of self-sacrifice, a life proclaiming the Lord’s death, and a life under the shadow of the cross.

Pray that God would give you a specific and tangible way to sacrifice yourself for someone else this week.