Review and Prayer – Day 16

Monday, The Shadow of a Promise (Genesis 15:7–10, 12, 17–18a)

From the very beginning of God’s covenant with his people, he has been willing to do whatever it takes for reconciliation, even taking on our punishment of death! Where in your life do you need to hear the Good News that God’s covenant love is greater than your sin and brokenness?

Tuesday, Shadow over the Water (Matthew 3:13–17)

Already at the very beginning of his ministry, the shadow of the cross hovers over the waters of Jesus’s baptism with his willingness to identify with our sin and need for repentance.

Wednesday, Passing through the Shadow of Water (Romans 6:4)

Our baptism is a reminder of the finality of our death to sin and new life in Christ. What part of your life needs to be reminded that it is dead today? What part of your life needs to be reminded that you have new life in Christ?

Thursday, A Shadow Caused by Water (John 17:20–21)

The prayer of Christ reminds us that we as believers are to live reconciled to one another so that the whole world would see that the Father sent the Son; the story of Dirk Willems reminds us that too often we do not do that well. Who within the Church is God calling you to reconcile with today?

Take a moment to consider the love of a God who is willing to do whatever it takes to reconcile with you and is willing to identify with your sin and brokenness so that you can identify with his righteousness and wholeness.

Praise God for his immeasurable goodness and love in his willingness to take our guilt, our sin, our punishment upon himself.

Take a moment to examine your part in the brokenness of God’s people. Pray that God would reveal to you your own sinfulness that has led to brokenness in the Church. Confess these sins to God.

Pray that God would reconcile your relationships with others within the body of Christ.