Review and Prayer – Day 4

Each Saturday during our time traveling under the shadow of the cross together, we will review the lessons from the week, ask a few questions for the purpose of application, and have a time of guided meditation and prayer.

Wednesday: View from Under the Shadow (Hebrews 12:1–3)

Valentine is among the cloud of witnesses that surrounds us along our journey. How can his life and death as a martyr encourage you to live a life devoted to God, to the Church, and as a witness to the world? Who are among the living cloud of witnesses that serve as an encouragement to you in your faith? For whom are you serving as an example of faithfulness?

Thursday: The Shadows of the Cross (Mark 8:34–35)

The cross serves as a reminder of both curse and blessing, in other words, the desperate sinfulness of humanity as well as the redemption provided by God. How has the cross become ornamental or too familiar for you? How have you been reminded this week that the cross is a sign of the fullness of humanity, the brokenness of the world, and the depth of your own sin? How has the cross encouraged you this week as a sign of God’s love and willingness to sacrifice himself for your behalf? What cross is Christ calling you to bear today?

Take a moment to consider all those who have served as a witness of faithfulness. Give thanks to God, by name, for as many of them as you can name.

Take a moment and ask God to reveal for whom you are serving as a witness of faithfulness. Ask God for strength to run with perseverance the race set before you and to give you diligence to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ.

Sit for a moment or two with the uncomfortable reality that the primary sign of the Christian is a contraption of execution and death. Pray that God would give you discomfort if your Christian walk is too gilded and that he would remind you of the shadow of the cross.

If you are experiencing pain and suffering in your life currently, offer it up to God as a prayer, taking comfort in the reality that he is familiar with your pain.