Spring Connections: 2021

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So much is happening and the Lord is so good!

We are in the planning stages of launching a new church this fall. The effort will be focusing on the international community around us. We see the need and desire of international students and immigrants in our county who desire friendship and Christian fellowship.

We will be teaming together with a pastor from Columbia, whom I have been meeting with weekly over the past year. He has a heart for the lost and has led five people to Christ in the last few months.

We continue to have our monthly ICF (International Christian Fellowship). During a recent fellowship, one of our students shared how the Lord spared his life from a serious car accident where the wheel fell off their 2016 car and it crashed into the median. The car was totaled, and all the air bags deployed, and he walked away

We have a youth group coming from Oregon this summer to do a combination of VBS and soccer camp. We are grateful for their commitment to do this and willingness to help us out.
without a bruise or scratch.

We have had an action-packed spring, with trips to Michigan, California, and Montana, visiting and speaking at partner churches and connecting with individual families who support the work we are doing.

This spring, I and another international student attended an online training of how to lead evangelistic Bible discussions. We are now in preparation to launch these with students from UVU. Please pray with us for this new endeavor.

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Bud Fuchs, NAB Cross-Cultural Equipper