Summer Connections 2020

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We are all called to be faithful, and the Lord’s work continues for all of us, yet it is different. There are bumps in the road, the journey is a slower pace than before, but we carry on!

As you can see by several pictures in this August 2020 issue, our work has been more individual focused than it’s been before.

Before the current predicament, I relied on campus visits and big group events as a focus of ministry. But life has changed, and we all are looking at things differently. Actually, we’ve enjoyed the greater number of one-on-one meetings, which have been a great blessing to us and them!

Perhaps this time’s made you refocus and re-evaluate what were once priorities but now seem less important.

We had one large group event in a park in May where our turnout was beyond what we expected. Those who came were so glad to again enjoy fellowship together.

In regard to this fall, we are not certain of the possibility to go back on campus for our weekly Conversation Corner, nor do we know the location of where our monthly ICF will be held. Please pray!

Recently, one of our internationals became quite ill and was quarentined for two weeks. He was deeply moved by our continual contact through texting and FaceTime. Tough times like these are very trying for those who have family far away. Just a reminder – stay in touch with those you know who are far away from loved ones.

In May, due to the current health crisis, Lois was officially “retired” from her job because of her age.

But we’ve also seen the Lord open opportunities to deepen friendships with several neighbors. I even took a visiting grandson of one of our neighbors golfing. We had a great chat regarding his journey of faith.

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field!

The population of the two towns where we live, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain, is now more than 80,000. And there are only two small evangelical churches! Please pray with and for us!

Utah is now in the NAB Northwest Association. For more info, and to support this mission, or even to send a team, click here:


  • Even in the midst of this confusing condition we live in, we’ve stayed in touch with many of our internationals!
  • Several pastors are in contact with us with keen interest in church planting here in Utah. Please pray for them!
  • God is still at work and drawing people to Himself!
  • Bud had successful cataract surgery in July! 


  • For students who have returned to their home countries and face serious persecution challenges.
  • For our Christian students who are facing difficult pressures living in Utah’s religious culture.
  • For churches that would be open for training in order to reach out to internationals in their community.
  • For healing of our son Jesse’s eyes and for our son Jon’s tenuous job situation.
  • For continued healing of our son Nate. Only 3 percent survive an aortic dissection like he experienced. If you would like to hear his story and his first sermon back at work, click here:


May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us—so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.

Psalms 67:1–2 (NIV)

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