Summer Connections 2021

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So much is happening, the list of praises and prayer requests is long – reflecting that the Lord is good!

This summer has been one of connecting with students, international summer picnics, and preparing and planning for the launch of a new church this fall.

As we previously wrote, the effort will be focusing on the international community around us of international students and immigrants in our county who desire outreach, friendship, and Christian fellowship.

We will be teaming together with a pastor from Columbia, who has a huge heart for the lost.

We continue to have our monthly international picnics this summer. During a recent picnic, one person shared how their heart is broken for international students who are wandering aimlessly without Jesus.

A youth group from Oregon came in early August to do a combination of VBS and soccer camp. We are grateful for their commitment to do this and willingness to help us out in launching a new church.

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field! Our county is now over 700,000 in population, and there are only 0.5% true believers! Please pray with and for us!

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