Summer Connections

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Summer is often a relaxed time when school’s out and campus ministries slow down – Not Really! UVU is one of the more unique universities in North America in that it offers Internationals on par with in-state tuition for the summer semester. So, the vast majority of international students stay and study with less than half the price as usual. Summer also lends more time for one-on-one visits.

Our summer picnics are a great time to connect with new students in a friendly, informal approach to develop friendships. Last spring, we moved both time and location of our ESL event to UVU and changed the name to ESL “Conversation Corner” for a whole new start. This summer we did the same and moved our picnics from a park to campus and the Lord blessed us with more than 30 at our May picnic!! International students study 7 days a week in the library so it’s a no-brainer to do the campus-thing just nearby there. We held a weekly ESL Bible Study on the “I Am” statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John in May & June. Thank the Lord that one of our students gave her life to Jesus as Lord! Again, thank you SO much for your prayers for this ministry!

We also have some other ways in which we can give thanks to the Lord:

A local Starbuck’s manager donates their day-old pastries and a carryout urn of coffee at any of our events and another local Little Caesars manager donates all the pizzas we need for our picnics and ICF’s.

I’m excited to be doing two equipping seminars for international ministry this fall. I will be in Vancouver, BC, in early October and Burlington, ON, the end of that month.

NW Association of the NAB has begun “Elevation Project” as a new ministry endeavor here in Utah under the leadership of our son Nate. He will be working with existing churches and pastors in Utah and Idaho to encourage and guide them to effectively reach the culture here and begin new church plants. If you desire for more info and to support this mission work contact:

Your fellow brothers and sisters here in Utah need your prayers for the breaking down of strongholds and victory over the darkness in this place. It is truly a mission field!

Click below to contact us for training your church to reach internationals in your locale.

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Bud Fuchs