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Lee & Beta Taylor head to the Olympics

Planting Churches

Why We Plant Churches

Our ultimate goal is seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ and seeing Jesus’s own prayer become reality: “Thy Kingdom come.” The more time I spend thinking about church planting, the more I am convinced that the planting of new churches can be either an end in itself or a tremendous step toward the proclamation of Jesus’s Gospel. At the NAB, we want to plant churches so lost people will hear, see, and experience a taste of the Kingdom, so they might be drawn to our beautiful Savior.

NAB Church Planting Network

Leadership on Mission – July 19, 2016

Church Planters: Not the Competition
by Kent Carlson

NAB Vice President of Leadership Formation

Leadership on Mission–May 3, 2016

Bringing our Best
Loving God with Our Hearts: Part 2
by Cam Roxburgh
NAB Vice President of Missional Initiatives

When people tell me they are missional, I listen very closely for how they are using the word.

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