General Council Members

What is the General Council?

The purpose of the General Council is to establish the mission, vision, and core values of the NAB and to work closely with NAB churches and regions to ensure those goals are carried out. The Executive Committee, made up of select members of the General Council, acts in place of the full General Council between sessions.

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Moderator Dr. Harry Kelm
Vice Moderator Rev. Nick Jackson
Past Moderator Mr. Robert Fast
Treasurer Mr. Jackie Loewer
Member @ Large Rev. George Ridley
Member @ Large Rev. Paul Nather
Member @ Large Mr. Gary Asbach
Member @ Large Mrs. Beverly Smith
Member @ Large Mrs. Jane Kramer
Member @ Large Mrs. Heidi Strybos
Member @ Large Vacant
Member @ Large Rev. Dan Heringer
Member @ Large Pastor Ken Solberg
Member @ Large Vacant
Member @ Large Dr. Mike McNeff
Executive Director Dr. Dan Hamil
Region, Association, or Organization Representative
Voting Members Includes executive committee members listed above.
Alberta Pastor Terry Okken
Atlantic Rev. Joseph Thomas
British Columbia Rev. Matt Dressler
Eastern Dr. Dana Goodnough
Great Lakes Pastor Jeff Russell
Great Plains Rev. Brent Reeves
Manitoba Dr. Barry Thiessen
Minnesota Mrs. Jen Woyke
Northwest Mr. Kent Borror
North Central Dr. Merle Hoots
Northern California Pastor Steve Steele
Saskatchewan Rev. Doug Armbruster
Southern Rev. Glen Howie
Southern California Dr. Mike McNeff
Southwestern Mr. Joel Dewey
Upper Mississippi Rev. Bill Gould
Church Extension Investors Fund Mr. Bob Glim
Sioux Falls Seminary – President Mr. Greg Henson
Taylor College and Seminary – President Dr. David Williams
Heritage Commission – Director Vacant
*Non-Voting Members
*Executive Team/CFO & Vice President of Ministry Support Mr. Richard Brown
*Executive Team/Vice President of Ministry Outreach Rev. Norm Poehlke
*Executive Team/Vice President of Ministry Advancement Pastor Stu Streeter
*Executive Team/Vice President of Missional Initiatives Dr. Cam Roxburgh
*Executive Team/Vice President of Leadership Formation Rev. Kent Carlson
*Women’s Ministry Mrs. Jean Ewing
*Youth/Student Ministries Mr. Joe Broesamle
*Parliamentarian Rev. Ron Norman
*Regional Minister (Interim) – Alberta Baptist Association Dr. Terry Fossen
*Regional Minister – Atlantic Association Rev. Larry Burd
*Regional Minister – British Columbia Association Dr. Bob Krahn
*Regional Minister – Central Plains Region Rev. Dan Heringer
*Regional Minister – Eastern Region Dr. David Ewing
*Regional Minister – Great Lakes Region Rev. Terry Holley
*Regional Minister – Northern California Association Rev. Rick Weber
*Regional Minister – Northern Plains Region Dr. Randy Jaspers
*Regional Minister – Northwest Region Rev. Chris Gorman
*Regional Minister – Saskatchewan Region Pastor Ken Solberg
*Regional Minister – Southern California Rev. Bob Klein
*Regional Minister – Upper Mississippi Region Dr. Jim Renke

General Council Roster as of February 2018

NAB Constitution – APPROVED at Triennial July 2015 – FINAL