We are Blessed Beyond Measure

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We are blessed beyond measure knowing that so many of you lift us up in prayer! We’ve seen the Lord work in many ways and are grateful & give Him the glory.

Last Fall the Lord sent our way a couple from Asia doing post-doctoral studies. They heard about our Conversation Cafe, began to attend, would not miss one session and also came to our ICF. Because so many are deceived by the prevailing religion of our locale, I decided to write a Bible study “Knowing the Real Jesus.” When we began in February, this couple signed up immediately. I asked Jian (name changed & picture altered) if he had heard of Jesus before he came to Utah – he had only heard the name. After the final session, “Jesus: The Way, Truth & Life” I then asked him who is Jesus to you?  He quickly responded, “He is my Lord, and my wife believes too!” This summer as they return home to resume teaching at a major university in their country, pray their faith will continue to grow and for their protection.

This place is not without heartache as two of our young ladies began dating men who are from the false religion here, and one of them recently married. Our fight here is one that takes place in the heavenlies against the spiritual darkness that is so prevalent here.

Your fellow brothers and sisters here in Utah need your prayers for the breaking down of strongholds and victory over the darkness in this place. It is truly a mission field!

The Lord has blessed us with a couple from Nigeria who are believers! Both will be doing doctoral studies for the next several years. They have already been serving in leadership roles in our ICF.

We have now concluded our weekly Conversation Cafe at CenterPoint Church and our ICF’s. But our summer gets real busy with hikes, pro sports events, on-campus ESL studies, monthly BBQ’s and a possible group trip to California.

This summer is also busy visiting supporters. I spent the first week of May in Alberta & Saskatchewan. The first week of June I’ll be doing a workshop at a conference in PA, then visiting a supporting church and doing a mini workshop. Several other visits are in the works.

 “Without A Passport” is intended to be motivational and a tool box of ideas for reaching internationals. Pray that the Lord uses it!

The accompanying training videos are now available! at: WithoutAPassportBook.com


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