Winter 2022 Connections

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Thank you again for your many prayers regarding our finding a home in Orem and the blessing it has already been in hosting our International Christian Fellowship and other friends and family events. Our old condo was so small we could not even host our extended family for a meal, and it was nearly twenty miles from UVU and BYU!

Because we are nearby, many have come to visit us at our home. Also, we have much more room for you to come visit us – our address is listed below!

We have been helping several immigrants who have applied and qualify for citizenship to study for their exams. We feel blessed to help, and they are so grateful!

In these days of uncertainties and shortages, it was good to hear one of our students (a scholarship athlete from Africa) share with our group, several times that she never could have dreamed there would be such a place where stores are full of abundant food supplies and homes that are warm and filled with light. And to live in a place where Christian friends care for her and love her.

We thank the Lord that our family was reunited after two and a half years. What a blessing to celebrate Christmas and each other in person once again!

Utah County is now one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. There are fewer churches per capita than in most countries we would refer to as “unreached.”

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field! Our county is now over 700,000 in population and only 0.5% are true believers! Please pray with and for us!

For more info, to support this mission work in Utah, or even to send a team, visit

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