Winter Connections 2020

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When I began full-time ministry 42 years ago, if anyone would have told me that I would still be alive, using an iPhone, and living in Utah, I’d have said “Go fly a kite!”

The privileges we now have to travel and communicate today are beyond my ability to grasp. In this school year, the Lord has placed over 1.5 million international students from every nation on earth throughout Canada and the USA. It is an opportunity no one would have even imagined 40 years ago, yet what a privilege and responsibility He has given us!

In the last few months, we’ve had students representing the nations of Japan, Mongolia, S. Korea, China, Vietnam, Congo, Columbia, India, Eritrea, El Salvador and Mexico. Some of these places allow no missionary presence. Yet most of these students are in contact with their family and friends back home on a daily basis. The Lord is good!

One of our supporting churches had given us funds to purchase Bibles. We were able to buy dual translation Bibles and recently gave out several to students. Those were joy filled moments for them and us!

A team from “Hispanics for Christ” and NAB NW were here meeting several Latino men with whom I have had close fellowship with in the last few years. Their hearts are open to the Lord’s leading and have great potential for beginning Hispanic ministries in Utah. Pray for continuing open doors.

We recently hosted some pastors who were curious about Utah and also looking at possible opportunities to bring ministry teams to encourage churches and church planting efforts. It’s so interesting to see their “blown away” reaction to a notably large population with an utterly unique culture outside anything else in North America. Utah county is now 700,000 and has about 20 evangelical churches. Most between 10-40 in attendance. In contrast, there’s a suburb of Dallas with a population of 100,000 that has over 50 churches and several that have thousands each week in attendance.

Pray for Utah! It is truly a mission field!

 “Elevation Project” is a Utah based ministry of the NAB NW Association that is seeking to work with existing churches and pastors to encourage and guide them to effectively reach out within this culture and begin new church plants. For more info and to support this mission:

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Bud Fuchs


  • For key meetings recently held regarding Utah church planting efforts.
  • Several pastors are in contact with us with keen interest in church planting here in Utah.
  • For students who are moving closer to commitment and those growing deeper in their faith in Jesus.
  • For healing from hearing issues – a side effect of Bell’s palsy.


  • For students, to be bold and invite their friends to our events.
  • For students who have returned to their home countries that face serious persecution challenges.
  • For Conversation Corner each Saturday, and ICF the 3rd Sat. evening each month.
  • For our Christian students who are facing difficult pressures living in Utah’s religious culture.
  • For open dialogue with university international student offices and campus ministries.
  • For churches that would be open for training and reaching out to internationals in their community.
  • For healing of our son Jesse’s eyes.


May God be gracious to us and bless us & make his face shine on us, so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:1-2