Winter Connections 2021

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We continue to see the need and desire of international students and immigrants in our county who desire friendship and Christian fellowship.

We have been blessed to find a buffet chain restaurant only a few blocks from UVU. The manager (also an immigrant) loves what we are doing, so he has designated a separate room for us so we can continue to have our monthly ICF (International Christian Fellowship). The blessing is now with them rather than the church where we previously met. Our evening schedule is usually: enjoy our meal, have a fun mixer, read some scripture together, have a student share their story/testimony, sing some worship songs, and me closing with a devotional and giving an invitation for salvation.

Our ICF Christmas party in December was the largest attended event of the year for 2020! Over twenty attended, and we had a fun-filled evening celebrating our Lord’s birth and sharing the Good News of why Jesus came to several who are not yet in His Kingdom.

We thank the Lord for a generous donor who has blessed us with funds to pay for this event each month.

As we look back on 2020, there is much for which we need to be thankful!

  • Our son, Nate, surviving an against-all-odds heart issue and is now back in his ministry role!
  • Even though we lost our church venue, the Lord provided even better places for us to meet!
  • We connected with several new internationals, in spite of school shutdowns and many returning home!
  • Both of us having great times of one-on-one or small group meetings, challenging them to move forward in their faith and not listen to the fearmongering that paralyze so many!
  • Even though Bud had five church visits / training trips canceled, we were still able to communicate with them through Zoom and home videos we produced!
  • The Lord still provided for our support partners, who continued to pray and generously give that our work can continue!

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field! Our community’s population is over 80,000, and there are only two small evangelical churches! Please pray with and for us!

Utah is now in the NAB Northwest Association. For more info, and to support this mission, or even to send a team, visit:

Use the URL below to contact us for training your church to reach internationals in your locale:

If the Lord should lead you to partner with us, visit these URLs for Canadian or US donations:



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  • New immigrants have begun to attend our events.
  • For the venues that are open, where we hold our events.
  • For health and strength to continue this work the Lord has called us to.


  • For internationals who continue to live under the pressures of Utah’s religious culture.
  • For former students that face serious persecution challenges in their home countries.
  • For video trainings for churches to be completed for churches who desire to reach out in their community.
  • For summer teams coming to Utah to help new church plants in this area.
  • For healing of our son Jesse’s eyes and for our son Jon’s work situation during this time.


May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us—so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:1–2