The Challenge of Evangelism


This webinar is an exploration of the forces at work that brought great tectonic shifts in the foundations upon which evangelism was first framed.

Bonfire 2024

St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, MN

Come early to Triennial 2024 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and join us for Bonfire! This year’s speaker is Jeff Christopherson, author of the book Once You See: Seven Temptations of the Western Church. Our time together at Bonfire, July 10–11, 2024, will include presentations from Jeff, table discussions, sharing stories of God at work, and […]

Fit Assessment: August 2024

Heartland Community Church 3400 Weymouth Road, Medina, OH

What is Fit Assessment? NAB’s Fit Assessment is a multi-step process that delivers insights to any current or potential missionary, church planter, or revitalization pastor, reporting on their “fit” for the ministry they are endeavoring to engage. Read more about our proven methods and tools here. If you're interested in beginning the Fit Assessment process, […]