NAB Multipliers

Our Vision

For the last number of years, the NAB has committed itself, as a community of 400+ churches in Canada and the US, to a missional and formational movement. We are leaders, churches, and international partners formed in the image of Christ and joining with God in His missionary work to reconcile all creation back to Himself. As the Father sent the Son, the Son sends the Spirit, and the Spirit now sends us – the church.

To that end, church multiplication is the natural overflow of a people formed in Christ’s image and joining His mission. We are working hard to create a church planting and revitalization movement that multiplies the way of Jesus in neighborhoods, rural counties, cities, and suburbs in an ongoing demonstration that the life found in Christ is the best of all possible lives.

This is what we seek to multiply. How is God nudging you to join us?

Our Planting/Revitalization Distinctives

The NAB is on a missional/formational movement and seeking to plant churches, establish missional communities, and multiply ministry reach that creatively and strategically invites people far from God into the best of all lives, that of following Jesus.

Every group and denomination involved in planting or revitalization has a deep desire to advance the Gospel’s reach. But what makes each group unique will help you decide if the NAB is the right fit as a Kingdom partner as you seek to join God in his work of multiplication. We are entering planting or revitalization agreements to establish new campuses, congregations, and ministries. We are also resourcing and partnering with pastors called to revitalize NAB churches who have lost their missional impulse. As you might imagine, that requires a myriad of styles, models, and approaches, but three things all of our multipliers share in common are the following:

Upcoming Events

For more info on NAB events, be sure to visit our Events Page.

Network Partners

To assist us in creating the most robust system of support for NAB planters we partner with a whole host of network partners. Many of our planters are connected to Excel Leadership Network.

Church Multiplication Resources

Find an assortment of books, articles, videos and podcasts on church multiplication resources.

For more information, talk with your regional minister or Stu Streeter, VP of Church Multiplication & Ministry Advancement. No one should walk this road alone. We are excited to carry this with you!

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