Church Planting

Our Vision

For the last number of years, the NAB has committed itself, as a community of 400 churches in Canada and the US, to a missional and formational movement. We are leaders, churches, and international partners formed in the image of Christ and joining with God in His missionary work to reconcile all creation back to Himself. As the Father sent the Son, the Son sends the Spirit, and the Spirit now sends us – the church.

To that end, church multiplication is the natural overflow of a people formed in Christ’s image and joining His mission. We are working hard to create a church planting movement that multiplies the way of Jesus in neighborhoods, rural counties, cities, and suburbs in an ongoing demonstration that the life found in Christ is the best of all possible lives.

This is what we seek to multiply. How is God nudging you to join us?

Network Partners

To assist us in creating the most robust system of recruitment, assessment, training, and support, we have sought out two of the most influential church planting networks in North America.

In Canada, we have united with C2C as a partnering organization, helping us to recruit, assess, train, and support church planters.

In the US, Excel Leadership Network provides assistance with recruitment, assessment (which they call discovery), and ongoing support of church planters post-launch through regional connection events and conferences.

Connection Event Training, Moving from Maintenance to Multiplication

If you recently met with Stu or heard him speak, you can find his notes by clicking the button below.

Training Notes

Connection Event Training, Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul

If you recently met with Stu or heard him speak, you can find his notes by clicking the button below.

Training Notes

Find out more

To get to know more about our approach and about Stu Streeter, the church planting leader, read some of the blogs below.

Ready to take your next steps?

Talk with your Regional Minister or contact Stu Streeter to open the discussions; no one should walk this road alone. We are excited to carry this with you!

Kingdom Collaboration for Gospel Expansion

by: Stu Streeter

Packing out a room full of hungry consumers hoping to feed on hopeful words and feel-good religious goods and services is simply not enough, at least for me it was no longer enough.


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Robust Gospel

by: Stu Streeter

I remember the moment it hit me, the moment I realized the Gospel of Jesus I was preaching or telling my friends about is only part of the story, and by leaving out part of God’s story I had created a new narrative that isn’t really God’s at all.

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Church Planters: Not the Competition

by: Kent Carlson

When my wife and I moved into the Folsom area to plant Oak Hills Church, one of the first things I did was to begin visiting the pastors in town. There weren’t too many churches in our city at that point, so it was easy to do, and I was delighted at the response.

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