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Church Planting: Laying Foundations
by Stuart Murray

In this masterful work by theologian and practitioner, Murray examines the objections to church planting and lays a strong theological foundation for missional multiplication. Additionally, he provides an insight to the various approaches to church planting in the modern age to give insight into how we got where we are in evangelical planting. This is a must-read in our view for any potential or current planter, a book to keep on your shelf at all times.

Faithful Presence

by David E. Fitch
Fitch has imparted heaps of wisdom over the years to our Bonfire community, as well as given us a picture of the future through his prophetic lens. If you’re looking to gather a group of people on Kingdom mission of any kind, this is a very approachable, richly theological, and extremely practical read for the leader and the whole team.

Church Plantology
by Peyton Jones

Peyton has been planting incarnational and organic forms of the church for more than twenty-five years. This textbook was developed as a resource for those studying church multiplication movements throughout the ages. It’s a true textbook, but as a resource text, it’s the best thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Leading the Other Way
by JD Pearring

Pearring is the founder and leader of Excel, our US network partner. This book is full of current stories of hundreds of planters he has impacted over the years. It’s a very approachable and practical guide to the various stages of a traditional Sunday-first launch style of church planting.

Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil
by Christopher James

James attends carefully to stories of ecclesial innovation taking place in Seattle, Washington. His study of the new churches founded in this “post-Christian” city offers both theological reflection and pragmatic advice. James invites us to reconsider the narrative of a church in decline and to instead see a hope-filled season of ecclesial renewal and rebirth.


Alison and Jake McGregor Walkabout from Triennial 2021

Brian Sanders planting video shared at Exponential 

Church Multiplication Stories from Jeff Christopherson, Paul Nather, and Stu Streeter from April 2021 Bonfire


A deeper dive into the NAB’s three distinctives for church planting


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