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NAB IO Staff Directory


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Dr. Harry Kelm

Executive Director (916) 783-1524

Grandkids are grand, as is G-ma

Christine Okken

Executive Assistant to Dr. Harry Kelm, Executive Director (916) 783-1533

Laughter is good medicine

Cross-Cultural Engagement & Emerging Leader Engagement

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Wayne Stapleton

VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement & Emerging Leader Engagement (313) 530-7933

I follow Jesus, then Waze...
Husband, dad, G-pa who loves Jesus

International Missions

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Randy Schmor

Interim VP of International Missions and Gateway Director Give Canadian Dollars Give U.S. Dollars
Global partnerships / mission trips

Kristi Thao

Assistant to the VP International Missions (651) 278-8465

Showing up in the little & everyday

Caryn Young

Director of Administration, International Missions (916) 797-6250


Ministry Advancement

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Stu Streeter

VP of Ministry Advancement & Church Multiplication (916) 783-1528

Follow Jesus, on a bike if possible

Michael Benson

Communications Director (916) 783-1522

Pickles are proof change is possible

David Curtis

US Director of Advancement (916) 886-2008

Jesus, family, & tacos

Terry Okken

Canadian Director of Advancement

Life's better with tacos & hot sauce

Carissa Steinhart

Executive Assistant to Stu Streeter (916) 797-6230

Organizing it all, coffee in hand

Ministry Support

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Richard Brown

VP of Ministry Support, CFO (916) 783-1527

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Jesus, taking walks, & chocolate

Briana Eaton

Accounts Payable & Gifts Processing Specialist 916-797-6251

Blessed mom of 3 beautiful girls

Rachael Wilson

Accountant & Database Manager (916) 783-1534

Clothed in strength and dignity

Leadership Formation and Emerging Ministry Leader Engagement

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Kent Carlson

Consultant in Leadership Formation and Emerging Ministry Leader Engagement (916) 783-1525

Putting the fun in dysfunctional

Lisa Schmidt

Administrative Assistance to Consultant in Leadership Formation and Emerging Ministry Leader Engagement (916) 783-1521

Lectio lover, nap taker, boy mom

Missional Initiatives & Leadership Formation

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Cam Roxburgh

VP of Missional Initiatives (778) 863-4471

You will never walk alone

Sara-May Cardy

Director of Administration, Missional Initiatives

Finding joy on the journey

Heritage Commission

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History is NOT boring

Darlene Frueh

Administrative Assistant (605) 274-2731

Enjoy baking, sewing & puzzles