Triennial 2021 in Saint Paul, Minnesota

July 8–11

“Welcome to the Table: Reimagining Hospitality”

In Luke 14, Jesus tells a parable of a man who pre­pared a great feast, but all of his guests decline the invitation. In response, the master of the banquet tells his servants to extend invitations to the poor, crippled, blind, and lame, and any others who will eagerly come to fill the house for this celebration.

Using this parable, as well as many other passages throughout Scripture, we are eager to gather for the 2021 Triennial so that together we can understand what it means to be hospitable people of God.

Given the recent attention on the Saint Paul–Minneapolis, Minnesota, area as a focal point for the recent protests over racial injustices across the United States and the world, we are more committed than ever to make our time in Saint Paul one year from now a clarion call to all of us within the NAB family to be the kind of people who practice Christlike hospitality.

The Triennial main sessions will be held at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, and the host hotel will be the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront. We look forward to you joining with us.

The 52nd Triennial Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, was a fantastic time of connection and worship, some of which you relive through these videos.

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