Becoming Missional

As Christ followers, we are not primarily about growing churches, but rather about becoming missionaries who participate in what God is doing in the world. As David Bosch said, “It is not that our church has a mission, but rather that God’s mission has a church.” Becoming missional means having a renewed theological vision of the church on mission with God, serving as a sign, servant, and foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

We recognize that formation and mission are inextricably linked and would encourage you to visit our Leadership Formation page as well.

Missional Churches
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Missional Individuals
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Missional Churches

Throughout history, God has chosen a people who will bear witness to who He is in the world. God created His church to be a blessing to all of the nations through the way we live, not to be removed or isolated to do spiritual things.

Becoming a missional church means having a renewed theological vision of the church on mission with God, serving as a sign, servant, and foretaste of the Kingdom of God. This looks different for different churches, but many will reflect the nature of our missionary God in the following ways:

  • a regular gathering of God’s people to bring gifts to the King, not just receive religious goods and services;
  • a commitment to preaching and teaching about a God who has always been at work in the world to redeem all things;
  • a stewardship of all that is God’s but that has been entrusted to humans to care for, including time, treasures, talents, and terra;
  • a commitment of the people to be in and for the neighborhood, adding value to the place and to the people through healing the sick, caring for the poor, acts of kindness, and a proclamation of the Gospel; or
  • a depth of community in its people that is a visible demonstration of what life together can be.

For more information and for stories of churches who are becoming missional, visit the Equipping page.

Missional Individuals

Every disciple of Jesus must recognize that to follow Jesus means following Him on mission in the world, making each of us missionaries. This means we bear witness in every way to the reality of the risen Christ in our midst. It means that we are formed into the character of Christ so that all will see Jesus in and through who we are becoming. It means we are sent to the people of our neighborhoods to live as if Christ were living through us. It means that we live as spiritual children of God in communities of His people that we call the church.

Because it is about us becoming like Christ and participating in what He is already doing in our neighborhoods, it will look different in different places. However, it will always include caring for the poor and the underprivileged and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom.

There are many signs by which a missionary is identified; a heart full of passion for Jesus, a transformed life, generosity, a life lived at a different pace, being known as a great neighbor, and living in a form of community the world longs for are just some of the ways the disciples of Jesus can be known.

Visit the Equipping page to learn more about how you might grow in your knowledge of our missionary God, as well as how He is at work in the world and how you might join Him on mission in your own neighborhood.

Become Equipped

Click here to learn about opportunities to become equipped in the areas of missional initiatives and leadership formation.

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