Crisis Relief Fund for Brazil Flood

Beginning April 29, 2024, the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, has been affected by severe flooding due to an inundation of rain, causing rives to swell beyond their banks and into roads, highways, homes, and cities.

Currently, NAB missionaries Lyndell Campbell-Réquia and the Jones family, all of whom live in the capital city of Porto Alegre, are safe and have not needed to relocate. Similarly, Chain of Love, an NAB partner organization serving at-risk children, is also safe, as they operate out of the more elevated areas outside Porto Alegre.

In response to this catastrophe, many churches are taking meals and supplies out to people. Many of those on higher ground are also serving as shelters to those who have been displaced. The NAB is sending out immediate funds directly to Lyndell and the Joneses for them to funnel to the churches to use for these relief efforts. We also invite you to give as you can to continue supporting these efforts.


Update: May 13

Updates from the past weekend:

The rain has resumed. The good news is that main water pump between the lagoon and the treatment plants is now working. They were able to fix it once the water dropped low enough, so it is now waterproofed. However, only six of the twenty-three treatment plants are currently working to provide clean water to a city of 1.5 million.

More good news:

  • Two children who require specialized formula, typically provided for free from the government due to the high cost and the families’ lack of resources, were nearing the end of their supply. Through the generosity of doctors and others, they have been able to find twelve containers of the specialized formula, as well as have funds to buy more as needed.
  • On Friday, a semi-truck sent by the Brazilian Baptist Convention from Rio de Janeiro arrived with supplies.
  • Samaritan’s Purse has sent two planes with further assistance, and Lyndell has offered to serve as an interpreter.

The photos below are from Ricardo, a seminary student and church planter, who has been the hands and feet on the ground, working morning and night to transport potable water, food baskets, hot meals, mattresses, and medicine to those who can’t get access to these things on their own – all of this in the midst of his own house and business being underwater. Yet even in this, he is filled with joy. As Lyndell writes, “He shared with me that even though he and his family have suffered a lot of loss, he has woken up every day this last week with joy knowing that he will spend the day sharing the gospel and helping people in need.”

Update: May 11

A few highlights and stories from the last few days:

A mother and adult daughter from Lyndell and Paulo’s church reached out via a WhatsApp group chat, sharing they were almost out of food and water and hadn’t had power for days. They were still at home in their apartment, but the only way in and out was by boat, which they used to get groceries at the local stores, until they ran out of nearly everything. For power, everyone still in their complex took turns charging their phones in the only outlet that worked. Lyndell reached out to a contact through Chain of Love who lives in the same city, who connected her with her brother-in-law, a pastor and former student of Lyndell’s from years past. She was able to send him funds to get water and groceries. Even though he couldn’t get in touch with the mother and daughter, he knew someone else from the same complex, who was able to get the supplies to them.

Lyndell writes, “At the end of the afternoon, one of our church planters, Eduardo, called. He had spent the day bringing water, food, hygiene supplies, and donations of clothing to the members of his congregation. He said that as he finished his last visit of the day, he sat in his car, and all he wanted to do was go home. But, heartbreakingly, he can’t. It is full of water, as are the homes of his entire congregation. The initial shock of the flood is wearing off and people are starting to think about what they have lost and wonder what the future looks like. While our immediate focus is on the most basic of needs, we pray that God would also minister to the hearts of people in this time of suffering and loss.”

At the peak of the flooding, the lagoon near Porto Alegre was at 5.33 meters; as of May 9, it was at 4.86 meters! Unfortunately, there is more rain in the forecast for the next few days. Please pray.

Update: May 8

Lyndell Campbell-Réquia reports that donations are getting through to the shelters, some from outside the state of Rio Grande do Sul where the flooding is happening and many from inside the state. The city where she and Paulo are located is cut off from helping those the next city over, where their church is located, but they have been able send funds to help.

Since we first sent out the call asking for donations on May 6, we have raised $9,080! Those funds are already being used to help provide groceries, water, and other necessities for those who have lost everything. (See pictures below.)

Church outside flood zone collecting donations.

Brazil seminary student (middle) picking up resources for the shelter where he and his family are staying.

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Please continue to pray and join us in this important Kingdom relief effort!