Staff Directory


Executive Director

(916) 797-6222 ext. 230

Time with Jesus, NAB office, travel, snuggle Rhonda. Repeat.

Executive Assistant

(916) 797-6222 ext. 242

Executive Director Kathy Miles. Has a nice ring to it, yes?

Ministry Advancement

Communications Writer

(916) 797-6222 ext. 246

No, I don’t have Batman pajamas. They’re Spider-Man.

Communications Director

(916) 797-6222 ext. 243

I love my husband, two girls, and correcting grammar.

Advancement Assistant

(916) 797-6222 ext. 233

You tried turning it off and on again, right?

Graphic Designer

(916) 797-6222 ext. 228

I make things pretty and I make pretty things.

Advancement Administrative Assistant

(916) 797-6222 ext. 231

I’m an extrovert and chocolate pusher, and I’m happy to serve.

VP of Church Planting & Ministry Advancement

(916) 797-6222 ext. 244

Water break? Water is for cowards. It makes you weak.

International Missions

Interim VP of International Missions

(916) 797-6222 ext. 227

Joy is a moral imperative.
Any questions?

Cross-Cultural Equipper

Give Canadian Dollars Give U.S. Dollars

Priorities: God, family, golf—most of the time, in that order.

Gateway Director

Give Canadian Dollars Give U.S. Dollars

Long-term partnerships, short-term missions, Packers, hockey

Director of Administration, International Missions

(916) 797-6222 ext. 222

I Sam. 16:7, Bible Study, Ice Cream, Movies, CC, Family

Ministry Support

Human Resources, Payroll

(916) 797-6222 ext. 225

Life is full of give and take. Give thanks; take nothing for granted.

VP of Ministry Support, CFO

(916) 797-6222 ext. 224

I am blessed with Shelly, my kids, and serving with NAB.


(916) 797-6222 ext. 223

In Jesus I trust. Taking a walk that’s robust. Chocolate a must.

Accounts Payable, EFT & Card Processing

(916) 797-6222 ext. 221

There is always something to be grateful for. Feel Blessed!

Database Admin, Ministry Support Specialist

(916) 797-6222 ext. 229

Proud UCLA alum; avid coffee drinker; ♥’s Disneyland.

Support Administrative Assistant

(916) 797-6222 ext. 235

History buff, classic horror film fan, dog-sitter extraordinaire.

Missional Initiatives & Leadership Formation

VP of Leadership Formation

(916) 797-6222 ext. 236

I have a blind date with Destiny & she ordered the lobster.

Administrative Assistant

(916) 797-6222 ext. 237

Love reading, cooking, & games w/ my hubby and son.

VP of Missional Initiatives

(778) 863-4471

Born in US; British wife; live in Canada. 3 passports are handy.

Heritage Commission


(605) 274-2702

Hopefully they can teach an “old dog” some new tricks.

Administrative Assistant

(605) 274-2731

Enjoy baking, sewing, & a 2000-3000 piece puzzle.

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