Governing Board

What is the Governing Board?

The Governing Board consists of the Conference officers, the past moderator and seven members-at-large, including two regional ministers. The Governing Board consists of men and women from the US and Canada. The Governing Board serves as the governing body of the Conference, subject only to the decisions of delegates of the Triennial Conference business session. The Governing Board has full authority to act between Triennial Conference business sessions, except that it shall not have authority to amend the Constitution, or to act contrary to the provisions of the Constitution. The Governing Board holds the executive director accountable to ensure that the Conference mission, values, and purposes are being carried out.

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Voting Members
Moderator Dr. Mike McNeff
Vice Moderator Dr. Dana Goodnough
Past Moderator
Treasurer Mr. Jackie Loewer
Member @ Large Rev. Dan Heringer
Member @ Large Mrs. Jane Kramer
Member @ Large Rev. Paul Nather
Member @ Large Mrs. Christine Okken
Member @ Large Mr. Cory Seibel
Member @ Large Pastor Ken Solberg
Member @ Large Mrs. Heidi Strybos
Non-Voting Members
Executive Director Dr. Harry Kelm

Governing Board Roster as of March 2020

North American Baptist Conference Constitution – Approved July 26 2018 Triennial