NAB Chaplains

What does a chaplain do?

Chaplains serve as pastors, counselors, and spiritual shepherds outside of the typical church context. This includes serving as a military chaplain within the US armed forces or serving as a domestic chaplains in a hospital, care facility, camp, and other setting. The International Office serves as the chaplaincy endorsing agency for the NAB for both domestic and military chaplains. If you are interested in serving as a chaplain endorsed by the NAB, download the appropriate documents below, and contact your regional minister to take the next steps.

Domestic Chaplaincy Certification

NAB Military Chaplaincy Guidelines

NAB Military Chaplaincy Application Form

The following military chaplains have been endorsed by the NAB and are currently serving:

Chaplain Jay K. Clark, US Army (retired)
Spouse: Michele Clark
Position: Endorsing Agent
Duty Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Chaplain (Captain) David L. Martin
Spouse: Gayle Martin
Position: Brigade Chaplain, US Army Reserve 561 Regional Support Group
Duty Location:Elkhorn, Nebraska
(David also serves as senior pastor at Highland Baptist Church.)

Dr. Lyle Schrag, United States Coast Guard ACS Chaplain
Spouse: Jane Schrag
Position: Branch Chief
Duty Location: Pacific Region (BC-HHP), Washington

Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Peter Drury
Spouse: Mary Drury
Position: Division Chief, Plans & Programs, NGB/HC
Duty Location: Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Chaplain (First Lieutenant) Philip L. Nelson
Spouse: Leah Nelson
Position: Staff Chaplain, 119th Fighter Wing (ACC)
Duty Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Donald A. Williamson
Spouse: Sue Williamson
Position: Garrison Chaplain, US Army Garrison West Point
Duty Location: West Point, New York