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We believe every follower of Jesus is a missionary. Our mandate is to equip missionaries for services in churches and communities in Canada, in the US, and on mission fields scattered around the world.

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Reflecting the ways God works in different settings
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Living out the Good News to effectively proclaim it
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Everyday missionaries joining God at work
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Articles, News, & Updates from the NAB Family


Mission Trip Aftermath: Spiritual Formation after Spiritual Awakening

A few weeks back, I returned from what I think was my nineteenth or twentieth mission trip. It’s not as spiritual or impressive as you might think.

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Inner City Angel and Urban Saint

“Inner-City Angel” is how the Winnipeg Free Press described Harry Lehotsky following his death from pancreatic cancer in 2006.

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Embracing Change at LifeWay

One way or another, change has been a kind of theme at LifeWay Community Church in Lansing, Michigan, for over one hundred years.

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NAB on Mission
Every follower of Jesus is to be a missionary, whether it's in our neighborhoods or in another country. The NAB serves to equip Christ-followers as missionaries.

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