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Who is NAB?

We are a family of missionaries.
We believe every follower of Jesus is a missionary.
We serve in churches and in communities in Canada, the USA, and on mission fields scattered around the world.
Our mandate is to equip missionaries for service at home and internationally.

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Church Planting
Reflecting the ways God works in different settings
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Leadership Formation
Living out the Good News to effectively proclaim it
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Global Missions
Find out about NAB global missions
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Becoming Missional
Everyday missionaries joining God at work
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NAB on Mission
Every follower of Jesus is to be a missionary, whether it's in our neighborhoods or in another country. The NAB serves to equip Christ-followers as missionaries.

Articles, News, & Updates from the NAB Family


Blue Ocean Next Steps: Missional Initiatives, Spiritual formation talks

For the first time ever, Blue Ocean and The Bonfire were held online. After four great sessions with David Fitch and then Christopher Wright, we seemed to be longing for more. We missed the table conversations and the late night hangouts, but this new environment created opportunities for us to begin to connect in other ways online. Last week I was thrilled to host a call of twenty-two leaders within the NAB who wanted to take these conversations further.

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God prepares his servants, missionary of the week

God is gracious to let us experience the wonder of His work to transform lives. It was over five years ago when we first met a dear couple, Leo and Wendy,* in a national church we partnered with. Both of them had become Christians while they studied in universities overseas and had recently returned home.

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Reproducing churches podcast, Interim Executive Director Announcement

Welcome to the new Intercessor prayer calendar! This new version has been redesigned specifically to collectively focus our prayers on the four ends of the NAB Conference: missional initiatives, international missions, leadership formation, and ethnic partnerships. The prayer prompts for each week are set to align with one of these four ends.

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