North American Baptists, Inc.

God on mission

Who is NAB?

We are a family of missionaries. We believe every follower of Jesus is a missionary.
We serve in churches and in communities in Canada, the USA, and on mission fields scattered around the world.
Our mandate is to equip missionaries for service at home and internationally.

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Church Planting
Reflecting the ways God works in different settings
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Join in supporting our ministries
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Leadership Formation
Living out the Good News to effectively proclaim it
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REACH Initiative
Seeking to expand and multiply ministry into the future
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Becoming Missional
Everyday missionaries joining God at work
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NAB on Mission
Every follower of Jesus is to be a missionary, whether it's in our neighborhoods or in another country. The NAB serves to equip Christ-followers as missionaries.

Articles, News, & Updates from the NAB Family


The Jones Family, Triennial Hotels, WMLT Update, and More!

For the last year and half, Brandon and Marci Jones and their three children have been waiting to leave for Brazil.

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Important NAB International Office Transitions

As we enter into the summer months of 2018, the NAB International Office is journeying through times of transition and change.

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Find Out About Important Changes!

Hear from Moderator Harry Kelm as he discusses proposed changes to the NAB Constitution.

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