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We believe every follower of Jesus is a missionary. Our mandate is to equip missionaries for services in churches and communities in Canada, in the US, and on mission fields scattered around the world.

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People of Faith

Triennial registration is open! Taking place in living rooms, churches, and backyards across the globe July 9–11, the first ever all-virtual Triennial includes general sessions led by Efrem Smith, Julie Canlis, and James Choung.

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God is moving, and so is Elsie Lewandowski!

In 2019, the Mission Advisory Team (MAT) was meeting with Kerry Bender, VP of International Missions. Tanya Gericke, one of the MAT members, spoke with excitement about Jason and Erin Bergman and the potential of them being called as the newest missionary team members at Camp Falcon Rock in Romania. One of the challenges, however, would be the educational needs of their four young children.

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Racial Reconciliation Sunday

The Japanese have a process in which cracked pottery is repaired by inserting gold in the cracks. This process is called kintsugi and is built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections stronger and more beautiful pieces of art can be created.

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NAB on Mission
Every follower of Jesus is to be a missionary, whether it's in our neighborhoods or in another country. The NAB serves to equip Christ-followers as missionaries.

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