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Who is NAB?

We believe every follower of Jesus is a missionary. Our mandate is to equip missionaries for services in churches and communities in Canada, in the US, and on mission fields scattered around the world.

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Articles, News, & Updates from the NAB Family


The Gospel Lived Out

A little over a year ago, NAB Gateway and NAB International Missions began exploring a partnership in Lebanon with an organization called Horizons. We are excited about this opportunity that could provide global sister partnerships in Lebanon and also open the door for the NAB to ministry throughout the Middle East. On the first trip to Lebanon in 2019, Randy Schmor, the NAB Gateway director, and Joseph Thomas, an NAB pastor in Pennsylvania, met with leaders from Horizons…

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A First Nations Conversation

In February, as part of the NAB initiative to grow in racial righteousness, a dialogue was hosted by Grace Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta, with NAB leaders, people with a background in ministry to the First Nations community.

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Pursuing Reconciliation and Church Multiplication

Andy and Sara Wesner recently completed a Discovery Center put on by Excel Leadership Network, the NAB’s partner in church planting with the United States. Coming out of this assessment, they wanted to share the following letter about their experience and what comes next for them.

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NAB on Mission
Every follower of Jesus is to be a missionary, whether it's in our neighborhoods or in another country. The NAB serves to equip Christ-followers as missionaries.

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