NAB Fit Assessment

Welcome to Fit Assessment, where our primary aim is to help individuals and couples discern their best next step in ministry. We understand that choosing the right path can be a daunting task, which is why we’re here to offer our expertise and support.

Our proven methods and tools are designed to help each candidate accurately appraise their fit for a variety of ministry roles. Whether you’re considering being the lead planter in a church plant, the lead pastor of a revitalization effort, or serving as an international missionary, we can help.

At Fit Assessment, we believe that every person has unique talents, skills, and experiences that make them uniquely suited for specific ministry roles. By partnering with us, you can gain clarity about your calling and confidently pursue your ministry goals.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping candidates explore their potential and find the best fit for their unique calling. We offer a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters personal growth and development.

The Purpose of Fit Assessment

The primary purpose of Fit Assessment is to serve the candidates by entering the discernment process with them in exploring their best next step in ministry. We use proven methods and tools to help each individual and couple, if married, accurately appraise their fit to be the lead planter in a church plant, be the lead pastor of a revitalization effort, or serve as an international missionary.

Why We Assess

In the lives of many ministers and missionaries, there are moments when God knocks at the door of our hearts and encourages us to look beyond our current context of ministry for our best fit in Kingdom service. For some, it is a nagging sense they are called to plant a church or revitalize a struggling church. For others, it’s a call to travel across borders to serve as an international missionary. NAB’s Fit Assessment has been designed with these three discernments in mind.

Any of these callings are significant and require proper preparation and training to ensure fruit and joy while serving. Fit Assessment joins alongside the individual or couple to help them assess their fit in the Kingdom work to which they feel they may be called.

We are not here to tell people what they can or cannot accomplish in partnership with God. We are here, as experienced planters, revitalizers, and international missionaries, to help assess what aspects of this new call will fit perfectly and which aspects will require other team members joining alongside.

What We Are Looking For

Ultimately, we are looking for clear evidence of ten essential building blocks necessary in the life of an individual or couple that have proven to lead to fruitful pastoral ministry in the local church, church planting, revitalization, or international missions. As you might expect the ten building blocks are different for a planter, revitalizer, or missionary. The experience is customized to accommodate the unique call you sense from God and assess accordingly.

How We Assess

We use multiples of just about everything to get at the question: “Does this candidate or couple possess the building blocks necessary for sustainable and fruitful ministry in the area to which they feel called to serve the Kingdom?”

  • Multiple assessors
  • Multiple instruments
  • Multiple interviews
  • Multiple presentations
  • Multiple exercises
  • Multiple options


When & Where

Our typical rhythm will be to host one assessment center in February/March in the Sacramento (CA) area and a second center annually in the Cleveland (OH) area in July/August. For upcoming dates, check out the Events Calendar or reach out to Carissa Steinhart.

If you’re interested in beginning the Fit Assessment process, the first step is completing the online application, either in English or in Spanish.