It was just a few years ago that Humbervale Park Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario, was discerning their next steps as a church. A number of issues were plaguing them, including a significant drop in membership.

Worst of all, they were no longer having the kind of Kingdom impact in their community they knew God wanted them to have. After a committed group of Humbervale leaders undertook a tremendous amount of work to find a church in their area to forge a partnership with, they reached out to the NAB International Office to help in the final stages of their merger discussions. Over a period of more than a handful of months, members of the NAB Executive Team visited on site and began working with Humbervale, joining their journey with God of discerning next steps and looking for new avenues for ways forward as the two churches became one.

Ultimately, Humbervale’s courageous reach across denominational lines to merge with Capstone Community Bible, another Toronto church, has proven to be exactly where God was leading. This merger, which has been underway for the past two years, has breathed new life into both churches and helped them to shine God’s light in their city in ways neither congregation could have done alone.

When you give to the Ministry Resource Fund, you are directly supporting this kind of Kingdom work. Your generosity allows for pastors, leaders, and churches all across the NAB to be supported through training, resources, and assistance designed to aid in the flourishing of God’s Kingdom and the spreading of the Gospel.

As the two churches are nearing the end of the merger process, there is plenty to celebrate. Rob Cripps, pastor of Capstone, put it best:

This past season has certainly come with its challenges. With a city locked down and the church unable to meet in person for almost 16 months, it was hard to see what God’s plan for the local church was. Still, while we were only meeting online, much work was taking place. Even COVID wouldn’t stop the merging of our two churches, Capstone Community Bible Church and Humbervale Park Baptist Church.

Coming out of lockdown, we started meeting again and were reminded of how amazing the bringing of these two churches together really was. We were able to run three full weeks of kid’s camp for our children, who had in many ways not socialized for a very long time. God used this as a time of healing for our kids, their parents, and the many volunteers who contributed to the success of these camps.

As two churches, we have in many ways merged well before the merger has been completed. We are in the final stages of the votes needed to complete the merge, but practically the work has already been done. We are one church. Worshipping and serving together in our city is the glue that has held us together through the grace of Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every step along the way through this merger, the NAB has been working directly with Humbervale and Cornerstone. While this situation is more unique than most, the support provided to the churches and their leadership is not. All across the NAB, the International Office is working alongside churches, pastors, and leaders to provide coaching, training, resources, and support, much of which is provided through the Ministry Resource Fund. Would you give $50, $100, $500, or more to the Ministry Resource Fund to help support these efforts? Every gift makes a tangible difference in the lives of communities all across the world.

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