Ministers’ Relief and Retirement

The Ministers’ Relief and Retirement Fund is a beautiful example of the NAB family providing for and caring for members of the NAB family. Our pastors and church leaders spend much of their time caring for us, inspiring us, teaching us, and helping us grow as followers of Christ, and this fund is one of the ways we can express our love for them through care and support.

In part, this fund helps support those pastors and leaders within the NAB who find themselves in dire need. Emergencies often arise when they are least expected. A lingering, debilitating illness. A sudden death. A tragic accident. When severe financial hardship falls upon a member of the NAB family, the local church often provides the support of a benevolence gift. With the support of their NAB church, a limited matching gift can also be given from the Ministers’ Relief and Retirement Fund.

The Ministers’ Relief and Retirement Fund also provides some small assistance with retirement savings to full-time pastors and staff, which, in a small way, further frees them to focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus to their communities.

Consider giving a gift in support of the Ministers’ Relief and Retirement Fund. Help provide for NAB pastors in severe financial need, provide extra help for a widow, and support those in the NAB family finding themselves unexpectedly in a new, challenging season.


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