Cameroon, Pathology, and Hope for the Future

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In the midst of more than 500,000 people being displaced and many being killed due to the civil unrest and violence in Cameroon, God continues to use our NAB missionaries to minister alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Along with many other areas of ministry, the hospital in Mbingo continues to be a source of light in the midst of the darkness and peace in the midst of the chaos of violence and suffering in Cameroon.

One piece of the ongoing ministry at Mbingo is the pathology program that processes thousands of specimens annually. Dr. Mbanga Evan is currently being trained to join Dr. Richard Bardin in the pathology program and is in the second year of a 3-year program. Upon completing the program, Dr. Mbanga will be joining Dr. Bardin at Mbingo and will be the first qualified Cameroonian pathologist to serve at any Cameroon Baptist Convention health facility.

Providing financial assistance for Dr. Mbanga’s training has been an ongoing special project for the NAB. Recently, however, we let you know about a matching gift opportunity due to a generous offer from a donor. All gifts given between April 20, 2019, and May 31, 2019, were to be matched by this generous offer up to $10,000. We are very excited to announce that we have collected nearly $22,000; therefore, with the matching gift this is nearly $32,000. This is exciting news and a true blessing from God. While the matching gift has been met and this blessing will cover much of this year’s educational costs, there is a continuing need for funding for the Pathology Training Special Project that is providing the resources for Dr. Mbanga during his training. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your continued support of this ministry.

Again, thank you for partnering with NAB Missions and the Cameroon Baptist Convention expanding the Kingdom of God through medical missions. Sustainability of medical missions in Cameroon depends on having well-trained Cameroonian doctors in every specialty, and Dr. Mbanga’s training will provide hope for the future of pathology services in Cameroon. This in turn provides hope for medical missions in Cameroon and hope for many in the midst of difficult and trying circumstances.

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