Pastor of Youth and Young Adults – Bethany Baptist Church

Pastor of Youth and Young Adults – Bethany Baptist Church

The pastor of Youth and Young Adults will give attention to:

  • helping youth and young adults grow in their faith. For those in grades 6–12, provide oversight, leadership and program direction. For college and career age, provide regular opportunities for ‘seekers’ to explore the Christian faith and for believers to grow in faith.
  • encouraging youth to connect and integrate intergenerationally.
  • living out their faith in their community.
  • initiating methods to encourage newcomers to find Bethany to be a non-threatening place where they can explore the Christian faith in an open, challenging, and inviting way.

Youth Responsibilities

Plan/administrate youth-related activities, including:

  • weekly and calendar year events (games nights, service activities, teaching/study evenings).
  • communicate with families regarding youth events.
  • conduct/plan workshops to assist parents so they can better deal with matters of concern (e.g., bullying; mental health, such as anxiety; online safety concerns, such as bullying, sexting, pornography, etc.). The intent, to speak into ‘felt’ concerns where the church can assist.
  • identify, encourage, and mentor gifting. Provide opportunities for leadership development.
  • recruit and train volunteer youth leaders and coordinate youth leadership team meetings.
  • meet with young people one on one throughout the year to develop relationships.
  • attend events young people participate in as reasonable (sports, art shows, etc.).
  • plan an annual youth retreat.
  • attend joint youth events with other groups as appropriate.
  • facilitate ‘graduation’ program experiences from children to youth and youth to youth adults.
  • find meaningful ways for youth to connect with the greater church family.
  • facilitate and coordinate youth involvement in Sunday services.
  • pray for youth and their families.
  • maintain accurate and accessible records (e.g., attendance, release forms, volunteer criminal record checks, etc.).
  • provide a written report for church’s AGM.


Young Adults Responsibilities

These would be to lead out in discipleship by providing leadership and regular opportunities for college- and career-age adults where the ‘hard’ issues of our day can be addressed through the lens of Scripture, especially in areas that differ from what culture promotes. In this, the goal is to develop faithful, faith-filled, Christ-centered disciples.

Other Responsibilities

We desire to more effectively connect with those in proximity to the church, namely Hamilton, with extensions to Queensborough and New West.

Requirements and Qualifications


  • Attractive follower of Jesus who is a committed member of the Bethany family.
  • Deeply committed to live in accordance to the truth of God’s Word in its entirety and to assist youth and other believers to do the same. To this end, a person who is in agreement with Bethany’s Statement of Belief and related documents as outlined in the membership booklet.
  • Creative with a visionary heart. This individual seeks out and utilizes various ways to best engage those in these ‘targeted emphases’ to have a faith-filled, attractive, and committed relationship with Jesus. The life he / she calls others to is evident in the youth and young adults pastor’s life – a life lived, not simply taught.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and conduct effective and impactful weekly youth activities, as well as long-range goals and activities for the calendar year.
  • A heart to equip and empower others to develop and use their gifts.
  • Mature and discerning – able to maintain confidences and confidential information, sensitive to the culture of the church community.


Skills and Experience
  • Demonstrated aptitude and heart for teamwork who accepts, listens, and changes plans as appropriate.
  • Demonstrated communication skills – both verbal and written.
  • Can articulate a theology that effectively speaks to how we as Christians are to live out our faith in the culture that surrounds us.
  • First-aid certificate and others that might apply (e.g., food safe) currently held or will need to be obtained. The church will pay for training such as these.


Wages and Benefits
  • To be determined in accordance with education and experience.
  • Paid vacation days (starting at 3 weeks per year, prorated to your weekly hours).
  • Flexible work schedule (with the exception of commitment to evening youth gatherings and Sunday morning worship services).

Special Notes

The starting date would be as soon as possible. We are looking for 35 hours a week.

If you are interested in applying, please submit your cover letter, your résumé, and a brief description of your spiritual journey to Christine Pfortmueller, or mail it to:

Bethany Baptist Church
22680 Westminster Hwy
Richmond BC, V6V 1B7


22680 Westminster Hwy. Richmond, BC V6V 1B7 Canada

Date Posted: May 26, 2023

Job Type: Full Time

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