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End-of-Year Giving

One sure sign it’s the Christmas season is that the copier company and carpet cleaner are sending notes of well-wishing and gratitude. Just last night I ran across a few of these kinds of notes as I cleaned out my mailbox at church. In truth, those few moments poignantly reminded me of the reach our church has into the lives of people, even those outside our regular ministry scope.

As I continued through the mail, I saw our church’s giving receipt for the past month listing our year-to-date contributions to the NAB Ministry Resource Fund. I found myself reflecting on the impact those donations are making as we all come together across the NAB family to support the work of our International Office, its initiatives, and the missionaries both in North America and around the world who spread the Good News of Jesus far and wide.

Whether your NAB giving is regular or seldom, consider a year-end gift of $50, $100, or $500 to support our shared Gospel work here in North America and around the world. I suspect sometime this December you’ve seen a stack of mail on your counter or in your inbox that is similar to the one in my mailbox. It is so easy to become inundated with holiday mail that it all becomes white noise after a few notes. Yet, with the end of 2018 looming ever closer, I encourage you to push back against that tendency and open each one prayerfully and gratefully, thinking back on this past year and all the ways you have likely made a positive impact on the lives of those you have touched.

As I think back on the past year at the NAB, I remember all the ways God has blessed this conference of churches. This has been a significant year for us, and I believe you, and the many others like you, have been a crucial part of that.

Your giving is helping to train and support pastors and ministry leaders; 35 completed their first Blue Ocean cohort in May, and another 48 began their journey in October.

Your giving is providing resources for new church planters and the churches God is calling them to start; the NAB planted six new churches in 2018, and our hope is to see that number increase as we continue to work hard on church planting systems, as well as recruiting, training, and supporting new planters within the NAB family.

Your donations are lending support to missionaries on international fields so they can focus on the ministry before them; the Jones family arrived in Brazil in November to begin serving alongside Lyndell and Paulo. Additionally, after running smaller programs on the property for the past four years, the first-ever official Camp Falcon Rock youth camp happened in Romania in 2018, granting space for many to come to know Jesus better.

Though I freely admit my bias, I am confident that your year-end investments into the ministry of the NAB are some of the best gifts you will give. Please join me personally, as well as my church, in giving an additional gift at year-end this December to support these efforts that are announcing the Kingdom of God through the NAB’s work all over the world. Every $50, $100, or $500 goes directly to supporting the Gospel-advancing work of the NAB in your region and around the world.

For His Glory,
Stu Streeter
Vice President of Church Planting & Ministry Advancement
North American Baptist Conference

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