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The NAB Women’s Connection provides these projects and publications as resources for women’s ministries in churches throughout the conference. Our hope is that these can inspire women and assist them in their ministry efforts.

Women’s Connection Day of Prayer

Today we continue to see division in our world. Walls are built through war zones and polarization in theology, politics, cultures, ethnicities, and economic statuses. We, as Baptist Women, continue to call each other to break down walls in love, expressed through prayer. When we come together, we stand with each other at the foot of the cross, holding hands as we look up to our Saviour to bring healing and hope in a troubled and broken world. Day of Prayer is our biggest, most earth-shattering, ground-breaking opportunity to dispel the darkness and love the world and each other on a massive scale.

The 2020 Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer program (DOP) has been prepared by the Administrative Committee of the BWA Women’s Department. For more information, see the attachments below. All program materials are available at

2020 Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer Program

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