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The NAB Women’s Connection provides these resources for women’s ministries in churches throughout the conference. Our hope is these can inspire women and assist them in their ministry efforts.


This is the Women’s Connection’s link to NAB women through a seasonal newsletter sent via email. These issues contain resource suggestions (e.g., Bible studies, book studies, etc.), NAB opportunities, stories of ministry among women, interviews with women who are in leadership positions in our conference, and more.

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Regional Connecting Luncheons

Our team is bringing together NAB women in leadership roles through our regional luncheons, where we share the story of the NAB and the role Women’s Connection plays in the conference. While enjoying a meal prepared by a host church, women share about their experiences in ministry. Our goal is to encourage these leaders and offer opportunities to network with others in the region.

You Glow Girl

An addition to our luncheon weekend is a special Friday evening event for high school and college-age women. April Wahl leads a dynamic evening, designed to encourage those who attend in their walk with Jesus.

Leadership Together

Whether at home, at work, or in ministry, women face unique leadership challenges and often tackle these on their own, with minimal resources and training. We want to change that. Join us as we introduce “leadership together,” a cohort of female leaders and influencers throughout the NAB family sharing their experience, wisdom, passions, and struggles while learning and growing together.

An online version is being developed to connect women in leadership across the regions.

Blue Ocean Support

Women’ Connection is partnering with Blue Ocean to support women who are interested in being a part of a community of leaders who can help lead the NAB in the areas of mission and formation. Scholarships are available for airfare to the three training sessions.

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