Bud Fuchs

Summer 2022 Connections

The Lord again has answered your prayers on our behalf. We asked you to pray, and the Lord answered that we could have a home between the two universities we minister to.

Bud and Lois’s Transition Letter

I’m not changing roles or responsibilities in any way. In fact, I have been longing to do more training in our churches

2022 Spring Connections

You prayed, and the Lord answered for an NAB church plant here in Utah. Our prayer is that this is the beginning of many more in this needy place.

Winter 2022 Connections

Thank you again for your many prayers regarding our finding a home in Orem and the blessing it has already been in hosting our International Christian Fellowship and other friends and family events.

Fall Connections 2021

Last April, a new neighbor in the unit above us in our condo became extremely noisy to all the residents in our building.

Summer Connections 2021

So much is happening, the list of praises and prayer requests is long – reflecting that the Lord is good!

Spring Connections: 2021

We are in the planning stages of launching a new church this fall.

Winter Connections 2021

A year ago last fall, a handsome and cultured man walked into our ESL Conversation Corner looking for help with his English.