Bud and Lois’s Transition Letter

Dear Support Partners,

You are completely aware of our zeal and desire to reach internationals here in North America. The NAB allowed Lois and I to stay in Utah and reach out to international students and immigrants when we were no longer able to go to Asia because of health issues. My job title is Cross-Cultural Equipper, and I even wrote the book Without A Passport that challenges and encourages my brothers and sisters to join in the wonderful and exciting ministry of reaching and ministering to this people group whom the Lord brought from across the earth to our doorstep.

Therefore, I’m excited to announce that the NAB has seen this need and appointed a new Vice President of Cross-Cultural Engagement. This is a new opportunity to serve alongside a brother in the Lord whom I’ve known for several years, Wayne Stapleton, as my new director. Even though he’s my new administrator, I will still have some cross-over in the International Missions department, and our support system will remain exactly the same as you have been giving toward our work.

I’m not changing roles or responsibilities in any way. In fact, I have been longing to do more training in our churches, and this new emphasis will feasibly spur more churches on to see this important and crucial need of reaching the international students and the multi-ethnic communities that surround their local church, or as my book says, “Reaching the Global Community Living in Our Community.”

Please pray with us as we transition together and desire to see greater partnership and unity in the Body of Christ to reach our, now more than ever, multi-ethnic cities throughout the continent. We desire to partner and encourage our churches as they navigate these cross-cultural relationships.

Lord Bless You All!

Bud & Lois