The Incredible Journey of Hope

By John Cassidy
Pastor – Hope Community Church
Antelope, California

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey God has been orchestrating for our church, paving the way for a permanent facility that seemed beyond our reach. It’s a story of faith, prayer, and unexpected miracles.

For years, I would drive by a massive, unoccupied box store in our community, envisioning it as an ideal place for a church building. The size, a staggering 54,000 square feet, and the quoted price, $8 million, initially seemed impossible. However, around two years ago, I prayed specifically about this building—asking God to open doors for Hope Community Church to make it our home or reveal another suitable space.

Fast forward to May 2023 when a conversation with a businessman from our church took an unexpected turn. Almost impulsively, I asked if he’d consider purchasing the $8 million building and subleasing a part of it to our church at a reasonable rate. To my surprise, he responded, “Let me pray about it.” I immediately enlisted two others to pray specifically for this opportunity.

I literally gasped in shock the next time I talked to him because he informed me he had secured the keys to the building. Though he didn’t have the funds to buy it outright, he successfully negotiated a long-term lease with an option to buy. Subsequently, Hope Community Church has entered into a sublease agreement contingent on his ability to purchase the property. He plans to be in escrow on this incredible property very soon. We believe God is moving us toward this building to expand our impact in our community, and we have been following him one step at a time.

With this exciting development, we’ve launched a capital campaign to raise $150,000 by July. These funds will cover architect and permit fees, bathroom construction, and materials needed for initial construction. Volunteer labor will play a crucial role in keeping costs down. An additional $150,000 is required by December for us to move in before the year ends. In just a short period of time, we have already raised $17,000 within our church body, and I have personally contributed $5,000.

This building represents more than just bricks and mortar—it’s an opportunity to establish a permanent hub in our community, setting roots for generations to come. Antelope is in desperate need of Gospel-centered churches, with less than 1,000 out of 60,000 residents attending church in our community. Our journey is a testament to God’s faithfulness and the power of collective prayer.

We are where we are because the NAB significantly supported us with financial and prayer support. Let’s continue this exciting adventure together, trusting God’s provision and guidance. As we move forward, please pray!