Regarding Hats (Part 2)

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As some of you may have already read, since my last newsletter on the subject of ‘hats,’ I ended up being asked to wear one more as the NAB interim VP of International Missions.

This is obviously quite a LARGE and new hat! And although I’m fairly familiar with a lot of what goes on in NAB International Missions, having been a part of it for over 23 years, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes support that is necessary to assist our missionaries and mission-oriented ministries to be able to do the work they do that I’m becoming more familiar with. I’m usually one of those who benefits from this behind-the-scenes support, but it has been educational and sometimes a bit overwhelming to try to do my part in serving in this supportive role as well.

Budapest, Hungary (2021)

But as this is an ‘interim’ position, there should be light at the end of the tunnel, even as I also maintain my roles as Gateway director and Central Europe field director in this time. So as my regular supporters, I’d also like to say, thank you for continuing to support me during this time (please see the prayers and praises section of this newsletter in the PDF).

Also, as many of you know, the NAB Triennial Conference is coming this July in St. Paul, Minnesota. So if you do find yourself there, please stop by the Gateway exhibit booth (probably where I’ll be) and say hi! It’d be great to see you in person, as it has been six years since a typical on-site Triennial Conference has taken place (Edmonton 2018).

Thanks again for your support!

For the Kingdom

Randy Schmor