The Legacy of Jorge Osorio and Hispanics for Christ

by: Geoff Hartt

Hispanics for Christ legally began in 2004, but the ministry actually was started when Jorge Osorio planted the first Hispanic ministry at Hollyview Baptist Church in 1995.

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The True Treasures of the Church

by: Kerry Bender

I first visited Chain of Love nearly twenty years ago on a short-term mission trip with Faith Baptist Church, the church I was pastoring in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Pure and Faultless

by: Ian Smith

On July 4, my family and I entered Ukraine for the second time in a month, visiting one of the groups struggling the most in Ukraine right now, orphans.

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When It Is God’s Time, It’s Time Indeed

by: Claire Marker

Tim and I are just so amazed and blessed—our jaws are literally dropping at what God has been doing at the Bicol Center for Christian Leadership lately.

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A Thank You for Serving Well

by: Michael Benson

This June, Dennis and Nancy Palmer, Calvin and Susanne Hohn, and Elsie Lewandowski are all retiring as long-time missionaries with the NAB.

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Blessings in Brazil

by: Kerry Bender

Last month, I had the privilege of spending time with our missionary team in Brazil. It is so exciting to see what God continues to do through NAB partnerships.

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The Life and Ministry of Emma Rauschenbusch-Clough

by: Randy Tschetter

One of the lesser-known but nonetheless impactful members of the family was Emma Rauschenbusch – the daughter and youngest child of August Rauschenbusch.

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Spring Missions Offering


Stories of NAB international missionaries in the midst of the war in Ukraine, and David Fitch at Bonfire, April 25–27.

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