Short-Term Missions with the NAB

Part of His Redemption Story

Bethany Meyers, with a small selection of friends she made in Lebanon.

by Bethany Meyers
Former short-term missionary to Lebanon

Greetings to the NAB family!

I have recently returned to Canada after eight months living in Beirut, Lebanon. It is difficult to summarize all that I experienced, but I wanted to share a few reflections on my time abroad. I cannot say it enough how good, kind, and caring our God is. As I navigated the throes of culture-shock, adaptation, and the swift circumstantial changes throughout my time there, I was always met with the steadfast care and provision of the Lord. His faithful presence is what I boast in first and foremost when I reflect on this experience.

I had never been to Lebanon prior to this internship, and I found myself captivated by the complexities and cultural richness that exists within the heart of the Middle East. Lebanon is the crossroads for many ethnicities, people groups, and religions, and I felt I only scratched the surface of discovering the dynamics that exist within this geographically tiny county. It has left me in awe, puzzlement, and wonder. . .

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2023 Short-Term Mission Trip

If you are a high school junior or senior or college-age young adult interested in getting involved in international mission work, like what Bethany Meyers recently completed, but you aren’t sure where to start, the perfect launchpad is just around the corner. Next summer, the NAB is taking students on a three-week trip to Hungary to work alongside NAB missionaries Ron and Jeannie Seck and national missionaries Laszlo and Eszter Daróczi.

This NAB Gateway Fuse Team will be involved in Roma/Gypsy village ministry in rural Hungarian settings. Ministry will involve serving with children, youth, and senior citizens, and it will give team members the opportunity to see how Community Health Evangelism holistic ministry functions and to be part of it!

As a part of this experience, team members will also be asked to attend the Urbana Student Mission Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, December 28–31, 2022. (Visit for more on the conference.)

If you have questions, or you want to apply, contact or You can also click on the links below.

More Info about the Trip

NAB Hungary Trip Flyer