Shaped for Mission

Warren Rachele is an NAB pastor leading a revitalization effort at Hope Community Church in Paul, Idaho. He recently wrote a series of blogs on the NAB End Goals that we wanted to share. A sample of the first one is below, followed by links to all of them. We hope these are inspiring, encouraging, and though-provoking for you as you serve in your local context.

A missional life begins in the spiritual depth of a Christian soul. Like the rings in a pond, it springs from the gratitude of a disciple, and it seeks the flourishing of community in radiating rings. The growing Christlikeness of the soul first seeks the shalom of those closest, family and the fellowship of other believers. As maturity develops, the desire to bless extends outward to the well-being of the community at large and then the world. Sadly, though, the missional life of a church is often one of the first things to contract when decline sets in and hearts turn inward toward survival. Programs replace prayer, the world shapes worship, and growth in the inner life falls out of favor. Restoring the missional soul of the church is the first significant challenge that any revitalization pastor must address, and it begins with the spiritual life of God’s people.

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children [Ephesians 5:1].

The intention of all formational ministries is a growing Christ-likeness in the life of a disciple. The growing likeness of the Savior in the life of a Christian does two things; it gives us assurance that we belong to him and in him [1 John 2:6], and it shapes our outer life, the way we interact with our world [Romans 12:2]. Building, or rebuilding, that foundation of assurance creates a springboard for hope, and turns the declining church’s vision toward a new future. Tempering the urge to “do something” and instead focusing on “being something” pays much bigger dividends. . . .

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Part 5: Mission Renewal

Blue Ocean is an entry point into the missional movement of the NAB. In Blue Ocean, NAB leaders engage in what it means to join God on mission, to be formed into the character of Christ, and to learn what it means to be a sent people. The cohort meets three times throughout the year and has been a formative piece to the NAB in recent years.

Module 1 October 15–18, 2023, in Vancouver, British Columbia
Missional Theology: Joining in with the God of Mission
Module 2 February 5–8, 2024 in Auburn, California
Missional Formation: Becoming Like Christ
Module 3 April 21–24, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois
A Missional People: Becoming a Sent People

Participants are responsible for covering their travel, accommodation costs, and the occasional meal. All other costs are covered by the NAB. If you are interested in learning more or in signing up for this cohort, reach out to Sara-May Cardy or click on the event link below.

Blue Ocean

The NAB International Office is hiring for two new positions: the Canadian Director of Advancement and the US Director of Advancement.

Both positions are part time and entail coordinating development, donor care, and fundraising training to maximize fundraising effectiveness throughout our Canadian and US constituency. This includes some travel for donor events.

“I am delighted to begin the search for two ministry fundraising experts who will come alongside myself and the rest of the Advancement Team to lead the donor care, donor events, and other fundraising efforts for the NAB. The team and systems in place are excellent; we are just looking for those perfect Canadian and US residents who are active in their NAB church and looking for some part-time fundraising work. This is truly a Kingdom undertaking and a role I believe you will find deeply fulfilling.”

—Stu Streeter, VP of Ministry Advancement and Church Multiplication

Click on the country links below to find out more information.

Canadian Director of Advancement

US Director of Advancement