Identity: Part 2 – Our Beliefs

In the previous article, the first in a series of six about our identity as the NAB, I shared about the value of being connected to one another in the NAB. Our unity with each other is based on our unity with God in Jesus Christ. We share a common faith in Jesus and a common view of what we believe. As a conference of churches, we hold a statement of beliefs that gives direction to what we believe. Our statement of beliefs is firmly anchored in God’s word to us. Psalm 119:105 states, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” God’s word gives us direction and insight.

When we drive down a street, we follow lane lines that dictate where to drive. These lanes help us know the direction to go and keep us from running into each other. Our statement of beliefs works in a similar manner. It direct us in God. It keep us from running into those things that would harm us spiritually. It points us to who God is and who we are in God.

The NAB Statement of Beliefs does not delineate every nuance of the earthly life or the spiritual life. It does not address every theological viewpoint. The intention is to define and describe the primary issues of our beliefs as an NAB community of faith.

We recognize there are individual and personal beliefs we are willing to have divergent viewpoints on. We do not pretend to agree on everything.. We recognize that even godly and Christ-like people see some things differently, and we are willing to look beyond these differences and hold onto the commonalities, especially those found in the statement of beliefs.

The statement of beliefs is the single most important document that shapes our identity as the conference of churches we call the NAB. Our beliefs tie us together and provide for us the framework of who we are in Jesus. Our statement of beliefs reminds us our only hope is a redeemed life in Jesus as our Savior and Lord.