A Path to Focus On

Cam Roxburgh with Jeff Russell.

Jeff Russell, pastor of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Kokomo, Indiana, is a big fan of the The Bonfire gathering:

Blue Ocean and Bonfire have had an affirming, transforming, and empowering effect in my life as a pastor. They have challenged me to think about what I was actually doing as a pastor and, in the world of religion we all live in, positioned me to ask if I was actually pleasing God or just trying to look culturally successful.

Bonfire has provided a path to focus on as I set my eyes on Jesus and truly pleasing Him. Listening to and rehearing some of the same things after being in ministry for years reminds me why I responded to God’s calling in the first place – to lead people to Jesus and make disciples.

Finally, and best of all, is the relational component of connecting with peers. Processing with them and humbly asking others who were willing to mentor me as I started to make solid changes has been a blessing, and it is bringing greater glory to God.

I encourage you to take advantage and participate in the upcoming Bonfire, especially as we are coming out of the pandemic. The encouragement, camaraderie, and wisdom found here will be indispensable. I hope to see you here!

It’s not too late to sign up for next month’s Bonfire gathering, taking place in Chicago, Illinois, September 27–29. Whether you come for the fellowship and encouragement that is intrinsic with any gathering of like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ or you come for Scot McKnight, join Pastor Jeff at this year’s Bonfire.

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Same Role, New Department

Bud Fuchs has faithfully served with the NAB for decades in local church roles, on the missionary field, and in the International Office. Most recently, Bud has been serving as a cross-cultural equipper, providing training for churches that want to engage in cross-cultural ministry in their cities and neighborhoods.

This ministry had been categorized under International Missions, and Kerry Bender, the VP of International Missions, has enjoyed serving with him for the last several years. However, with Wayne Stapleton taking on the position of VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement, Bud’s role fits more naturally under that ministry heading. Wayne is excited to work with Bud in helping churches engage across ethnic and cultural barriers to extend the Kingdom of God. What Bud essentially does will not change, but his expertise will prove to be of great value to the NAB and Cross-Cultural Engagement. Attached is a letter from Bud to his supporters explaining this shift in department while his ministry focus remains the same.

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If you would like to support Bud and his ministry financially, please click on one of the links below.

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