Advent Devotionals

Unfailing Love Forever

by: Sarah Sciarini

As we reflect on this season of anticipation, I’m reminded of the enduring silence that stretched across 400 years.

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Inauspicious Beginnings

by: April Wahl

“Ah, there it is. My house, at good old Cleveland Street. How could I ever forget it?”

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A Savior for Everyone

by: Julie K. Welch

The steadfast shepherds who were keeping watch over their flocks that starry night of Jesus’s birth were among the outcasts of their time.

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The Wonder of God among Us

by: Karen Wilk

Sometimes we read and hear Bible verses so often that we may forget to stop and ponder what they really mean.

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Christ to Us

by: Tony Campos

Mary and Elizabeth could not be more different. Elizabeth is the recipient of a miracle that has brought immense joy and worth to her and her husband.

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Family of God

by: Jessie Rediger

John the Baptist knew his standing, his purpose, and his place in his specific time in history.

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Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankful Communities

by: David Curtis

In writing to the Thessalonians, Paul lays out some important qualities God is looking to shape in our communities.

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Magnify the Lord

by: Becky Daye

Mary has just announced her pregnancy to her cousin Elizabeth, but it’s not a typical announcement.

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